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Relieving Stress

The Value of a Massage

The benefits to doing massage are numerous. Looking at the whole person and area that affect quality of life, structural difficulties, emotional life, and applying those specifics to what health care specialist you should see.

Sessions are usually 1 to 1 ½ hours. The therapist being present and non-judge mental is very important in your healing. Seek compassion and understanding in your selection of a therapist.

Some of the benefits of therapeutic massage:

  1. Empowers the individual with a greater sense of well being in the world.

  2. Relieves stress

  3. Helps movement of energy for greater healing

Become a partner in your healing and wellness plan with your health professional or by yourself. Massage therapists do a lot of education about psychology and anatomy. Our body is a major component and must be understood by you. Educate yourself about yourself. Ask how does your body change during massage? Relaxation massage is different from medical massage. Both have their benefits. Cortisone levels decrease during massage, substance P decreases relieving stress. Endorphins are the neurotransmitter receptor site a part of cell walls receives neurotransmitter. Depending on how much is released you may have a cellular memory.

What are the emotional and spiritual reasons to the pain? This is one way to discover why you have the pain in one specific area. Deeper work does not necessarily mean that you need it to heal. Sometimes lighter more relaxing massage will be enough to change your psychology for your greater healing. You want to access where you are at today in your process and choose what type of massage therapy you want to do.

Written by Sharon Barnes

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