Rewriting your mental software code

Psych-K is known to improve and accelerate the integration of healing and personal growth it a process by which you down load into your subconscious the beliefs that will empower you to create the experience you want or need. The cellular body has coded messages and vibration frequencies that give out messages and seem to recreate the exact thing we want to run away from or dispel.

Ask yourself what are your beliefs about you and your ability to get what you want?

Do you really believe it is possible to get what you want!

What are your concurrent realities?

How do you see your world?

What is showing up in your reality?

What channel is your mindset on or operating on?

What is your limiting belief, your core belief?

Our feelings are generated by what we are thinking and doing the (action) we are taking. The conscious mind gives us direct guidance and the unconscious controls our feelings and the point is how do we get to complete neutrality?

The skills needed to learn this new software of the mind is a sincere desire to want to experience a shift or change in your life. Applications that are applied: Are called “Balances” designed to reprogram the subconscious by involving BI-lateral stimulation of the left and right hemisphere. The connection of fear and desire makes this energy static and the energy can’t flow and release the thought.

This is not a complicated process it works quickly and lasts until you don’t need it anymore. Unfortunately many times we experience trauma or injury to reawaken the reason we really do not want that in our lives. Keeping us vulnerable and in a constant cycle of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The only way to break this quickly is by reengineering the subconscious reality. And the great part is that this revolutionary method works without the “pain no gain” theory.

There are